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Being in the veterinary industry for over 30 years we know how certain items require constant replacement, such as towels and scrubs, due to low quality materials and the constant wear and tear. We also know the toll these items take on your washer and dryer. That’s why we have teamed up to create products with infused technology to save you thousands of dollars on equipment replacement. Aesthetically our items will give a clean uniform look to your hospital providing you that extra advantage over your competitors while saving you time and money. 

Our technology is universal across our line, meaning that all of our products have the same technological advancements and characteristics. Medical textiles that contain all cotton or cotton/polyester blends have the ability to sustain the life of bacteria and viruses and break down quickly.  Our Infused®  and TransformedPolyester™ products contain fibers that could and would not support the micro bugs life while keeping its integrity.  They also include a powerful textile finish that allows our products to be thoroughly sanitized and sterilized.


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